Horseback Riding Lessons



Let our gentle horses teach you how to ride!


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The FourB Farm invites YOU to join in the FUN and excitement of the horse!

From basic horsemanship to being a competent horse rider/owner.

We teach you how to properly groom, care for and ride the horse.

You will also learn how much love and respect a horse can give YOU!

We do it  ALL!



Our Horseback riding program will:



Teach you proper horsemanship, including, but not limited to:

  • Safety on and around the horse- learning at a pace you can comprehend and manage.
  • Proper grooming and care of a horse.
  • Tacking up a horse the proper way all by yourself.  
  • Identifying the proper parts of the saddle and parts of the horse (yes, there may be home work).
  • Cleaning up after yourself and the horse you are working with.
  • Mounting, balance and control, stopping, aids and more!



Horse Lesson Rates:



Group riding lessons:    $42.00/hour



First lesson (assessment) or private lessons:  $50/hour



Special Package Discounts:

  • Package of 4 – 1 hour private lessons:     $190.00
  • Package of 4 – 1 hour lessons to use within 60 days:     $160.00
  • Package of 10- 1 hour lessons to be used within 3 months:     $400.00


 *All packages are for one person only.


*Most lessons start out private but generally go to small group when ready.


Leasing Rates:


Option 1    $240 + tax  

*Part lease*


  • one lesson per week (required)
  • one ride per week (in addition to lesson)
  • one horse/ one rider



Option 2    $225+ tax  

*Part lease plus* 
  • no lessons required   **Only available with permission of FourB riding instructor!**
  • two rides per week 
  • one horse/ one rider



Option 3    $350+ tax  

  • one lesson per month (required)   -note: this requirement may be waived with permission of FourB riding instructor
  • Up to 5 rides per week (in addition to lesson)
  • one horse/ one rider




~FourB Farms is located in Sun Prairie, WI 10 minutes East of Madison:   7679 County Road N, Sun Prairie, WI~



For more information

Call: 608-575-5376


Contact Me





With over 40 years of combined experience our instructors can offer bare beginner lessons all the way to the more advanced.  We have instructors whom are members of many associations including:


  • APHA- American Paint Horse Assn
  • AQHA-American Quarter Horse Assn
  • ADS- American Driving Society
  • NARHA-North American Riding for the Handicapped Assn
  • IBHA-International Buckskin Horse Assn
  • WBHA-Wisconsin Buckskin Horse Assn
  • PHBA-Palomino Horse Breeders Assn
  • WSHC- Wisconsin State Horse Council ,
  • ATHA- American Trail Horse Assn
  • POAC- Pony of the Americas Club
  • WQHA- Wisconsin Quarter Horse Assn
  • NFQHA- Nat’l Foundation Quarter Horse Assn.
  • AMHR-American Miniature Horse Registry
  • ASPC-American Shetland Pony Club
  • ASPR- American Show Pony Registry
  • NSBA-National Snaffle Bit Association
  • ABRA- American Buckskin Registry Assn.
  • WIHA- Wisconsin Interscholastic Horse Assn.




  We ALL learn something at FourB!

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8 comments on “Horseback Riding Lessons”

  1. Melanie

    Hi, I’m an adult who is interested in learning how to ride. I’ve been on a horse maybe 10 times in my life but would like to ride weekly if possible.

    Do you have private lessons for adults?



  2. Keara Dill

    Hi! How old does a child have to be for horseback riding lessons?

  3. Patty

    I’m interested in riding lessons. I’ve been on a horse but not properly trained. The bad news is….I’m 61.
    I was looking for your address, where are you located? i live in DeForest.

  4. Megan Kube

    Are you still doing lessons with covid 19? We would be interested but wanted to check. We have a 6 year old daughter who loves horses. Thanks!

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