This is Jenni’s Spirit.  She is a 1991 Grade black Morgan Mare.  She is the best horse for our Jenni.  She is such a great beginners horse.  Spirit is so gentle even 2 and 3 year olds have been on her.


Here is Spirit on July 31, 2002


Here is Jenni and Spirit 2003.

Copy of jennispiritpro

Here is Spirit July 2, 2005  Sooo photogenic!

spiritpro705copy  spiritpro05copy



Spirit’s Babies


Spirit’s Faith 4/7/2008

Last Spring I kept seeing a gorgeous Percheron Stud that had the bulk but not the height we were looking for for a new future riding horse for Jenni.  The Stud fee was reasonable and how nice it would be to have that future horse for her come out of her number one mare!?!?!   I talked it over with Jenni and she and I decided to breed Spirit one more time for her future mount.  We contacted Lisa “Chubs” owner and made arrangements to breed Spirit.  Well, on April 7th, 2008 Spirit gave birth to a GORGEOUS tiny black filly.  Talk about something precious this baby sure is.  All seemed well.  The vet came out to do the IgG test and this baby had to have a transfusion!  And Spirit was anemic!  She tore somewhere inside and was bleeding internally.  So to make a long story short we followed the vets orders and said alot of prayers and Spirit and baby made it!  Spirit will never have another foal but will be an awesome lesson horse and continue to be Jenni’s best pal but she gave us a gorgeous finale for sure.  Meet Spirit’s FAITH!!!

faith4.30.08  faith42008

Here is Spirits 2003 filly by The Black Mustang Wildrose King.   Her name is FourB Spirits Queen.   She was the friendliest filly in the barn.  This filly has been sold.


Here is Spirit’s gorgous BLACK colt by Bethesdas Carbon Copy born June 1, 2001.

jennispiritcolt20014     spirit2001colt

This is Spirit’s 2000 colt by the Morgan Stallion BETHESDA CARBON COPY.


This is Spirit’s 1998 Colt Maverick his sire is Windmere Royal Topaz

Here he is in 1998 and in July 2002

MaverickCopy of Mav74024

And here is her first colt Pirate he was born in 1997 also sired by Windmere Royal Topaz