Teri was very friendly and welcoming…

Hi Teri,

I’m not sure what I can say. Here goes….. I visited FourBĀ Farm to look at a rescue mare that I was considering getting. The stable was clean. There was a man there who was taking care of the water replacement. He was dumping the old water so only fresh went in to each stall. He was courteous and friendly. The outside pens weren’t crowded. The weather had been warm and then cold again so there was some ice, but it’s hard to avoid that in this climate. Each pen had round bales so horses had good access to fodder. The small equines had their own pens and stalls so they wouldn’t be pushed around by larger herdmates. The indoor arena was clean. The driveway has good access for bringing trailers in. The owner, Teri, lives on the premises so there can be instant attention if something happens. Getting to FourBĀ is very easy. US highway 151 to County Road N to driveway. I met Teri only once. She was very friendly and welcoming.

Jeanne Foster

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