Puppy Gallery

IMG_5261This is George!


IMG_5231This is Mannix! He is loved by the LAST family. He is the son of Windy and Barney.


IMG_5232Heather and Tom Hertel with Hutson


Lucy and Lambeau LaBuwie and family


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“Maddie (Moochie)”    Owner Jody Pritchard


Lucy and Lambeau LaBuwie and family

Piper Freidel

Hi Teri, I just had to share this picture and let you know how much we love our Piper. She is such a sweetheart and a blessing to help us get over our Scout’s passing!


IMG_3905 IMG_3906

This is Miss Molly. Second picture is with her first pheasant. She is 16 months old. Her Momma is Violet and Dad is Champ.

-The Sprague Family



Stacey Dunaj pup


Beckwith pup


Mike & Kimberley Bright pup