FourB Adult Springers

Our Newest Addition:


TERI B’S VOM OLIVIA ROSE   “Olivia”  DOB 9-4-2017

Olivia’s father (who is also Penny’s father) is 100% European bred and her mother is 75% European bred. Olivia is so sweet and so smart and will make a wonderful addition to our breeding program!


Olivia AKC Pedigree



The Boys:


TERI B’S MIGHTY CHAMPYON     “Champ”  DOB 7-2-2012

IMG_1391 IMG_1390     Champyon

Champ AKC Registration

Champ AKC Pedigree


KINNI RIVER’S LIL BARNEY        “Barney”    DOB 9-1-2014

image     image

image     image

Barney AKC Registration

Barney AKC Pedigree



The Girls:


TERI B’s SWEET ABBIE ROSE        “Abbie Rose”   DOB- 5-4-2012


Abbie AKC Registration



TERI B’s SWEET SADIE ROSE       “Sadie”    DOB 9-3-2013


Sadie AKC Registration

Sadie AKC Pedigree




TERI B’s WINDY ROSE         “Windy”     DOB  10-11-2014

FullSizeRender     image


Windy AKC Registration

Windy AKC Pedigree


TERI B’S VOM PENELOPE ROSE   “Penny”  DOB 3-16-2017

Penny is a lovely little spitfire! She is from full European bloodlines. Her grandfather is a German Junior Champion, BOB winner imported from Germany.


21270984_1907051452648513_6979365397749664423_n 20799910_1880168998670092_237876727936666162_n 20638125_1874597762560549_3692748646719942926_n

Penny AKC Registration

Penny AKC Pedigree


TERI B’s ROCKYS BREEZY         “Violet”   DOB 2-15-2011


Violet     IMG_1387     IMG_3835

Violet AKC Registration

 *Violet has been retired. She will remain a much loved member of the FourB family!