Maime passed away the summer of 2017 due to complications from chronic laminitis.  She was the sweetest broodmare ever and will be greatly missed.


“Maime” joined us in December of 2004.  She was a 2000 daughter of the Multi Champion Stallion Sizzlin Zippo!   We needed to purchase a performance bred mare for our breeding program and how more appropriate than from Playboy’s trainer Patty.

Maimes first picture at Pattys

June 2005

Her first Pro Shots.  July 2, 2005

maimeproface705copy   maimeprofront705copy


Maime gave birth to this Ulima Playboy son on March 26th, 2006.  Boy oh boy he sure is a Looker!


Baby number 2 is here! COLT


He was born March 23rd, 2007 at 7:45 am

Baby #3 By Dynamic in Blue

Perfect in every way DUN and a colt! Born Good Friday April 10, 2009.


It was a beautiful day for his first day outside at 5 days old…



Ernie also known as the “Church donkey” spent several years entertaining several folks at live nativity scenes. All i know for sure is I remember to visit him at Christmas time as a child. Documentation showed him well over 20 years old. He came to live with us about 13 years ago  and lived a life of leisure and pampering. He was euthanized in November 2013 due to complications of lamenitis. RIP our Dear Friend.


In June of 2011 Tragedy struck again…

My beloved DOCS SWEET ALICE Coliced!

We called the vet out and he yubed her and said she should be fine.  Well, she got worse the vet was summoned again.  Tubed again the vet didn’t give much hope for her as she thought she felt something upon a rectal exam but I had to try and see if Aliccould fight it.  The next morning looking at Alice she told me she couldn’t being 23 years old she was not a surgical candidate  the vet was summoned 1 more time and my ole girl was put out of her misery.  We will Miss you Alice! Click on her name to follow to her page in memory.

Copy of Aliceprobutt

Hopefully there will be no more additions to this page for a long long time.  My life has been challenged in many ways recently and at times I wanted to give up totally but, I’m strong and will keep going.  My Father and Mother taught me well.  Hope you all have good days and never have to go thru so many losses so close together like we have.  But, If you do just please stay strong.  Thank you.


This poor mini Donkey could barely walk when we got him.  We could tell someone had just chopped off his toes to make his poor feet look better  and he had the number 33 shaved into his side so when he came thru the auction block and they said his name was 33 I couldn’t hold myself back.  Droopy came home with us that day!

It didn’t take us long to give him a name.  His left ear must have been broken or froze at one time and the tip drooped so that is how he got his name Droopy.  Within a year with corrective trimming and proper nutrition this guy was running again and kicking up his heals.  We had no idea how old he was. The vets figured 50ish…. One thing for sure is he lived his life out Happy.  We had the Pro photographer out and how could we not take a picture of Richard and his Donkey!

Copy of richdrooppro

Every year since I bought Droopy I clipped him in the spring.  He never shed out. On June 3, 2006 I gave him his yearly clip and iodine bath that follows and I sat out on the lawn with him while he dried.  Jenni snapped a photo of Droopy, I and Breezy so had to add that too.  Then when Jenni took him back down to the mini herd it was like he was hiding with the grass being so long and then decided to show himself so I took a couple more pictures.

hereiamdroopy6306 droopyyoucantseeme6306 momdroopybreeze6306

I am sad to report we lost Droopy the winter of 2009

Silver Dee Candy

Everyone Seems to have a Memory Page and now reluctantly I have one.  The last couple of Years have been very hard with the Loss of my beloved mare Candy in 2005 and Playboy and one of his colts in 2006.  This page is for there memory and others…  Hopefully no more will be added for a long long time.  We need time to heal so hope this tribute to all the wonderful creatures of the FourB farm that we have had cross the Rainbow bridge will help.

Copy of prettycandypro

Silver Dee Candy left us abruptly in 2005 after complications of Colic surgery.  She left behind an orphan filly that is making us all proud Ultima Starshine Candy among many other gorgeous children. Please click on her picture or her name to follow to her page of memories with us at the FourB Farm.

Ultima Playboy left us abruptly in August of 2006 after complications of vasiculitis (Major swelling in the vessels in his head).  He was in the Prime of his life also and making such a wonderful name for himself. He has left behind some wonderful children that are truly winners and will be all they can be.  He was what we were breeding for at the FourB a beautiful horse that could do it all and was doing it all when he was taken from us and ohh so young…..  Please click on his name to follow to his memory page.

Although with us only a very short time.  Ulti was loved by his Gorgeous Mama Goldie and all the human friends he had.  He was born April of 2006 with his tongue hanging out and we tried everything to save this little guy.  He had a complete blood transfusion and was doing real well thanks to Linda’s determination and Goldie’s cooperation in being tube fed that first 24 hours of life.  He had learned to suck and was doing great.  Well, he passed away at 2 weeks old. He got ill real fast.  The vet was summoned and his blood cells had sky rocketed.  He was too weak to fight whatever the infection was and in the wee hours of the morning we called the vet out and really before she injected him he had already crossed the rainbow bridge.  He is now Romping with his Daddy up there with no pain and forever at peace.

On April 20, 2007 a gorgeous Golden Dun Filly was born. Our last by Playboy.  Everything was textbook.  But, only god knows why this filly FourB Ultima Finale “Allie” became septic and it settled into her left front knee joint.  She spent over a week at the Hospital and then 3 weeks here on double daily meds doing great except the knee kept getting worse.  Her good leg then started to bow and we had a final x-ray taken and that even showed that the infection had went to the bone.  We could not let her suffer anymore.  Allie was put out of her misery on May 29th,07.  Rest in Peace our Beautiful Ultima Final!